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PRODUCT NAME:Gibberellic acid   CAS NO.:77-06-5
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Product name: Gibberellic acid

CAS: 77-06-5

Molecular Formula: C19H22O6



Gibberellic acid is a very potent hormone whose natural occurrence in plants controls their development.


Mechanism of action

Gibberellic Acid works on germination by promoting growth in the embryo of a seed. Gibberellin is released by the embryo, where it travels to the endosperm region of the seed. It then allows the enzyme induction of amylase, breaking down starch into a sugar for use by the embryo. Sugar is then used to synthesize proteins in the plant and break dormancy.



Gibberellic Acid is applied directly to growing crops which include fruits, field crops and vines. The hormone stimulates cell division and cell elongation that affect the leaves and stems in plants. Gibberellic Acid is commonly used in the seedless grape industry to increase both grape and bunch size. It may be applied via aircraft, ground spray equipment, irrigation, seed treatment, or soil incorporation.


Formulation: 90% TC, 10% soluble tablet, 15%soluble tablet, 20% soluble tablet, 10%SP, 20%SP, 3%EC;


Packing: 1L-200L for liquid formulation, 1G-25KG for solid formulation;

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