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PRODUCT NAME:β-Apo-8'-carotenoic ethyl ester   CAS NO.:1109-11-1
Product details:
10% ß-Apo-8’-carotenoic ethyl ester
10% ß-Apo-8’-carotenoic ethyl ester consists of orange-red, free-flowing beadlets. Each individual beadlet contains apocarotenoic ester in a starch coated organic matrix of polysaccharides which is protected by antioxidants- ascorbyl palmitate and ethoxyquin.
Apocarotenoic ester is considered as a naturally occurring metabolite in animal tissues. It also exists as metabolic product of apocarotinal in citrus fruit, green vegetables and Lucerne. Apocarotenoic ester shows antioxidant properties and has positive impact on the immune system.
Apocarotenoic ester is a yellow carotenoid and widely used in the feed industry as an additive for offering yellow pigmentation of egg yolk and poultry skin. It is a highly potent yellow colorant available to poultry industry. In comparison to yellow xanthophylls from plants, apocarotenoic ester is in a high bioavailability form and has a higher deposition rate in egg yolk and poultry skin.
10% ß-Apo-8’-carotenoic ethyl ester is the product of choice for the feed industry. The high purity apocarotenoic ester is finely emulsified with antioxidants and dispersed evenly in a protective matrix. The fine emulsion of apocarotenoic ester allows an optimum absorption of the carotenoid in the digestive tract resulting in a higher deposition rate in target sites. The product is produced by the spray-dried coating technology and the use of antioxidants protects the conjugated double bond structure of the apocarotenoic ester molecule from oxidative decomposition when exposed to air, heat and humidity. The protective matrix is based on GMO-free polysaccharides and provides full protection against physical constrains occurring with high-speed mixer or during pelleting or extruding of feed.
Product identification
CAS No.: 1109-11-1
EINECS: 214-173-7
Chemical name: Ethyl 8’-apo- ß-caroten-8’-oate
Synonyms: Apocarotenoic acid ethyl ester 
Appearance: orange to red, free-flowing particles;
Fineness (US standard sieves): 100% through sieve No. 20.
Loss on drying: 8% max;
Content: Ethyl 8’-apo- ß-caroten-8’-oate 10% min;
Solubility: Disperse in water;
USES  As a feed additive for egg yolk and broiler skin pigmentation.
Broiler skin pigmentation:  Depending on the desired coloration effect, broiler skin color can be intensified by adding up to 300 grams product/ ton of feed.
Egg yolk pigmentation: The required dosage of 10% ß-Apo-8’-carotenoic ethyl ester and Canthaxanthin 10% for layer feeds should be adjusted in according to the natural yellow xanthophylls content in feedstuffs and the desired colorant effect.
Stability and Storage
The product is sensitive to air, heat, humidity and light. Store in cool, dry place. Keep the package tightly closed. Once opened, use quickly.
10KG carton or according to customer’s requirements.
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