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  Liquid Feed Acidifier for poultry and pigs

Liquid Feed Acidifier for poultry and pigs



Water is the most important nutrient for animals.Providing safe drinking water is very important in poultry and piglets management. This product is the most effective drinking water acidifier.

Active Ingredients:

Combination of formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid, malic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid , essential oil and other components.

Product Features:

1 Without inorganic acid;

2 No irritation to skin and gastrointestinal(GI) mucosa;

3 Safe and easy to use.

Product Function:


Preserve the drinking water by lowering the PH level.

Effective against pathogenic bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.  

Hygienization of water and feed.

Positive influence on the intestinal flora.

Strong antibacterial effect in the small intestine.

Stimulates the production of digestive enzymes;

Improve FCR by improving protein digestion.

Improve eggshell quality

Improve taste of feed and its intake, proper animal growth

Support fertility, laying percentage and hatchability;

Reduce diarrhoea and mortality rates, improve productivity in Animal Nutrition.

Application method:

1 Environment disinfection: 0.5% disinfection tank; 0.3% Hand sanitizer;

2 Spray disinfection: 0.2% Sterilizing with living body;

3 Clean waterline: 0.3% soak overnight, rinse with water the next day;

4 Drinking water: 0.05%~0.2%;

5 Increase the amount or times in summer;

Effectiveness of Acidifier on Salmonella

Time                              Liquid Feed Acidifier Dosage

                      0 %            0.05%            0.1%            0.2%

15min            100%           78%              62%              45%

30min            100%           48%              38%              31%

60min            100%           35%             22%              19%

90min            100%           21%             12%               8%

120min          100%            9%               0%               0%


Application case:

1 Effectiveness on Silky fowl laying hens

              Egg weight   Laying rate   Qualified Hatching egg rate   death and elimination rate   Feed/egg ratio

Control group    52.7g       59.22%                90.32%                        3.897%                          3.86

Test group        54.2 g       59.26%                90.99%                        3.079%                          3.73

Comparison     +1.5g         +0.04%               +0.67%                        -0.818%                        -0.13


Note: 2566 laying hens for control group and test group each;

Conclusion: Improve growth performance after adding 0.1% acidifier into drinking water of test group.


2  Effectiveness on Broiler

                         Quantity               Average weight(kg)            Feed intake(kg)                   Feed ratio

Control group    4900chickens                 1.73                               3.75                                2.17

Test group        4100chickens                 1.80                               3.89                                 2.16

Conclusion: after adding 0.1% acidifier into drinking water, feed ration slightly decrease, the average weight increase 70g.


3 Effectiveness on HY-LINE VARIETY BROWN laying hens

Item                                    Before application                          After application              Change

Broken egg rate(%)                  1.17                                          0.55                                 0.62

Qualified egg rate(%)                77.40                                        79.61                                2.21

Laying rate(%)                         79.81                                        81.27                                1.46

Average egg weight(g)              58                                             59.7                                 1.7 


Note:Total 32560 HY-LINE VARIETY BROWN laying hens;

Conclusion:  after adding 0.1% acidifier into drinking water, obviously improve growth performance.


4 Effectiveness on nursery piglet

                            Quantity                       Start age (days)                   Final age (days)         

Control group             1860                               23                                       69                            

Test group                  1850                              22                                       68                           


                      Start Average weight(KG)      Final average weight(KG)      Increase weight per day

Control group              5.81                               26.29                                  445g

Test group                  5.47                               25.16                                   438g   


                             Feed intake per day(g)          Feed ratio

Control group              694                                 1.56

Test Group                  724                                 1.65 








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